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2575 DANFORTH AVE, Toronto ON

(416) 698-0439

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Poor: The Tim Hortons at Main and Danforth has the most appalling service I have ever encountered. I usually go in on Saturday and Sunday mornings for a cup of coffee and without fail the staff are standing in groups conversing while people are lined up waiting for service. At the service desk, when you do happen to be served, the staff are exceptionally rude and converse with other staff members instead of focusing on the customer order. Then they screw up the order by giving you a product you have not asked for. This morning the service was unbearable poor. When I asked the attendant for the Manager, the attendant said the manager did not work on weekends. When I asked for the name of the Manager the attendant said she did not know her managers name. Why is it this staff did not know the name of the Manager? Further, the Tim Hortons at Main and Danforth is filthy. Altogether the service and physical conditions at this location is unbearable. Other locations provide good service and takes an interest in how it is maintained. The situation at Main and Danforth is simply not acceptable.

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